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How to Wear: Ushanka

There is one item of clothing I’ve been craving to get my hands on lately – a “ushanka”. Some of you may know it under a different name – a “Russian hat”, perhaps. It’s a huge trend this winter and so I decided to put together a little guide to wearing these pretty warm hats.

First of all, let me tell you a little bit about ushankas. Its name derives from the Russian word “уши” (ushi), which means “ears”. Such hats have not only been worn by Russians, but by other inhabitants of cold climates such as Scandinavians, Canadians or Germans. The ushanka as we now know it was, however, indeed the product of Russians – during the military conflict between the former Soviet Union and Finland known as the Winter War, many soldiers died as a result of being exposed to extremely cold temperatures. The uniform of the Soviet soldiers was, therefore, improved and one of the changes made was the official introduction of a ushanka as a part of the attire, replacing the so-called “будёновка” (budyonovka). A ushanka is typically made from sheepskin and rabbit or muskrat fur, but nowadays it is customary to see hats made using artificial fur.

Untitled-1 copy
 If the weather isn’t too cold, you might decide to wear your ushanka with knee high or over-the-knee socks. I’m a big sucker for this look, because I find it looks really sexy in a cute and non-vulgar way.
Untitled-2 copy
 Another option for warmer weather is pairing your ushanka with a short skirt. I like the contrast created by combining these two items and the fact, that it gives a tomboyish edge to an otherwise purely feminine look.
Untitled-4 copy
If worn with feminine clothes – especially those with brown undertones – your ushanka will actually contribute to the softness and femininity of your outfit, highlight its soft contours and complete the brownish palette with a final touch. I think this works especially well with darker chocolate-y browns, like on the left and right photos.

Untitled-3 copy
 Lastly, I think that a ushanka looks fantastic when combined with masculine clothes. I think it’s especially nice when if the clothes have some military touches – a khaki green parka or khaki pants as seen on the photo above complement the look very nicely.

The Winner: kathleencarla from Chictopia 

PS: I wish you all Merry Christmas!!! 
I hope you get loads of presents and have a wonderful time with your family, 
or whoever you are celebrating with.

Sources: photos via Chictopia’s Style Gallery; info about ushanka adapted from Wikipedia


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