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How to Wear: Turban

A turban is definitely not a fashion accessory for everyone – it takes a lot of self confidence to rock such a bold statement piece. At first I thought it would be an almost impossible task gather enough high quality photos of gorgeous ladies wearing a turban, but my luck turned when I discovered Aphrodite on Chictopia. She is pretty much the queen of turbans and knows exactly how to style them!  


Aphrodite has her very own way of wearing turbans – her outfits complementing the turban are usually a combination of one piece with a bold pattern and another of one simple color. This way she ensures that the complexity of the outfit itself does not overpower the funky turban. 

Mongrel / Aphrodite / Carla

Another hit seem to be red turbans combined with red accents. Why this is, I cannot tell, but my hypothesis is that red lends the outfit an exotic, Oriental feel. I love the brooch on Aphrodite’s (middle) turban – it makes her turban worthy of a sultan.  

Jean / Lindsey / Aphrodite

Speaking of Oriental flair, turbans look exceptionally good when used as a complement of an already exotic looking outfit. Bold patterns, vivid colors and creative prints all come alive when combined with a turban.

Iris / Kristina / Lexi

But a turban can also easily be a part of a modern outfit. Kristina Gisors, a Parisian stylist, looks stunning in her Christopher Kane crocodile dress paired with a black turban. The key in incorporating turbans into trendy outfits seems to be using a simple black turban rather than a colorful one.

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