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How to Wear: Leopard Jacket

Since spring seems to have no intention of gracing Europe with its presence, I decided that having another feature on coats might not be that bad of an idea. A leopard coat, in my opinion, is a very sexy piece of clothing and, admittedly, is not for everyone. But if you are bold enough to pull it off – and I believe most of my readers are – it will probably become a real staple in your wardrobe. What I like about it, is that it is able to transform a jeans-and-shirt combo into a beautiful outfit with an artsy flair.

Meijia Katie / Jenny

As you can see here, many girls just opt out to wear a faux fur leopard jacket to complement their, otherwise minimalistic, outfit. This looks particularly good on girls with darker hair and more pronounce features as the ones shown above – if you are a ethereal type with golden locks, this might wash you out a little.

But if you’re going for something attention catching and very bold, I suggest you pair your leopard jacket with some color-blocking. As you can see, it does not really matter what shades you opt out for but I do suggest you keep it to two colors and no more, otherwise the whole ensemble might become overpowering. Red might be a good starting point, but it tends to look classy (or, if overdone, trashy) rather than edgy, so decide what you’re going for first.

Below you can post your suggestions for the next item of clothing you’d like to see featured in one of my “How to Wear” posts! :))

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