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How to Wear: Fur Jacket

I noticed, that my previous how-to-wear post about ushankas aka Russian hats got loads of hits and was really popular on TeenVogue’s Fashion Click (check it out, they feature loads of amazing outfit posts from awesome bloggers such as myself *muhaha*). Well, as a hard-working student of Economics, I realized that if demand increases, supply should follow and so I am bringing you a brand new “How to Wear” post – this time we will have a look at (hopefully faux)  fur jackets!

Let my start off by saying that I think a faux fur jacket is a must have item for any aspiring fashionista. It’s like a pair of good ol’ blue jeans – you can wear it whenever you’re not feeling creative, standing in front of your wardrobe and it willl make you feel like a rock star any time you put it on.

When browsing through, I could not help but notice that its owner is pretty much a professional at wearing fur jackets/coats. She makes them look very edgy, grungy and rock’n’roll by pairing them with leather tights, high heels and accessories like massive chains with crosses or hats. 

delacruz / andrea_k / halliedaily

My favorite way of wearing fur jackets is to combine them with glamorous and sexy clothes. This can be quite a tricky look to pull off – it can easily go from looking sexy to looking trashy (the girl on the left managed, but some would definitely look cheap wearing what she put on). The key here, I reckon, is to think classical Hollywood red carpet style and not to go crazy with colors – although reds, as you can see on the right photo, work really well when paired with these furry coats.

sabinem / gabie / whitneywhitney
I noticed loads of girls paired their fur jacket with black tights and I think it looks really amazing. Also, I love the Russian flair Whitney the right gave to her outfit – the golden accents and red lipstick made it look amazing. 

laura86 / style_fashionista / Viktoria

The fur jacket looks a little less elegant, but trendier and cooler when accompanied by grey or off-white touches, as seen on the middle and right photo. Laura (on the left) made herself look like a doll thanks to her white tights – this is a basis for a very elegant and innocent looking ensemble.

nonszalancka / hklndsfmode / oneskinnybitch

And to show you that a fur jacket doesn’t always have to look super elegant or classical, I’ve put together this last set. All the three pretty ladies wore their jackets in a nontraditional way and put together really outstanding, chic & quirky outfits. 
Photos: via Chictopia (usernames provided below photos)

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