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How to Wear: Camouflage Jacket

The camouflage jacket is quite a hot trend this season! Many brands including the popular & easily accessible high street tycoons have armed themselves (pun, as always, intended) with arsenals of these garments. It seems that F/W 2012 will be all about this statement piece. But how should you go about styling it? The first option is perfect for the transition from summer to fall – pair your jacket with high-waisted denim shorts and high heels for a very sexy ensemble. Should you try this trend? Sir, yes, sir!
If you prefer stylish yet comfortable fashion, you should opt for a sportier look. You can achieve this by throwing on a simple black tank top and stashing your treasures away in a cross body messenger bag. You get extra points for wearing earth tones – don’t worry, unless you are sitting behind a bush with a rifle on your shoulder (and I sincerely hope you are not) this outfit will surely not make you blend in with the crowd.

If you are not afraid to experiment a little bit (oh, you rebel, you!) you could also try pairing your jacket with a pretty romantic dress for added contrast.


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