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DIY Tutorial: Caviar Nails

I have been lusting after a caviar manicure for a while now – the trend is booming in the blogosphere and it screams stylish without looking overly contrived. I finally got my hands on a colourful set of microbeads and decided to give caviar nails a shot. Sadly they are in a bit of a state at the moment – I recently got rid of my gel manicure and all I am left with are brittle excuses of nails. But patience is not a virtue I possess so here is my first try! It was simple enough to do while watching Colin Farrell, aka Alexander the Great, gallop around on his horse looking sexier than necessary, so you shouldn’t find it difficult.

1. Buy microbeads
I got mine from Romwe, for $10.99. You can get the same set here. In the UK, you can buy them in Superdrug, and I know Ciate and Nails Inc released a range of caviar nail art. But unsurprisinglt they are ridiculously overpriced. Instead, you can get cheap microbeads in art supply and craft stores – for example in the US, you can get them from the scrapbooking section of Michaels.  If all else fails, you can always find them on eBay. 

2. Paint your nails
Cover your nails with one coat of nail polish of your choice and let it dry. I used NYC nail polish in 320 Blue Sky and Barry M in Xmas Limited Edition 2012-A.

3. Embellish your nails
Now paint your nails with a second layer of nail varnish. Dip your nail in a pot of microbeads while they’re still wet, to ensure they stick properly. Press down on your nail a little after applying the microbeads to shake off any loose particles. It is best to do your nails one by one to prevent the nail varnish from drying before you get a chance to apply the beads. 

4. Enjoy!

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